DIRECTOR OF BRITISH HORROR MOVIE ALMOST KILLED ON SETDirector almost struck British horror movie CREEP when director CHRIS SMITH came dangerously close to being electrocuted by a live rail line.The film's cast and crew had been granted access to the London Underground after hours. But once the rails, which are normally dead for most of the night, came alive as Smith trod on one.The movie's star, FRANK POTENTE, recalls, "One day we had this awful incident on the rails. Normally the rails are dead but, for a few moments during the night, there's electricity running through them. Chris almost killed himself."He'd just seen the Creep made up for the medical scene and he was really excited about how horrible it looked. So he comes running into the tunnel, shouting about how the Creep is going to be the next FREDDY KRUEGER, when he suddenly steps on the live rail."We quickly got him off, but he was literally white with fear."Get the low down on your favorite Celebrity, all the Gossip, all the News