DON CHEADLE has finally visited the hotel on which he based his critically-acclaimed movie HOTEL RWANDA.The 40-year-old actor toured the Hotel des Milles Collines in Rwanda's capital Kigali last month (JUL05), speaking with several of the more than 1,000 people who were sheltered there by manager PAUL RUSESABAGINA - the character portrayed by Cheadle in the film - during the country's 1994 genocide.Cheadle, who earned an Oscar nomination for the film, says, "All of their experiences were the stuff of epic films - things they had to go through in those 100 days. It was amazing."The Hollywood actor, who had never seen the hotel because the 2004 film was shot primarily in South Africa, met with Rwandan President PAUL KAGAME, attended the premiere of Hotel Rwanda in Uganda and toured displaced-person camps in the country's northern provinces.He now plans to write a book with JOHN PRENDERGAST of the nonprofit International Crisis Group about how individual Americans can respond to Africa's problems.He explains, "It's really talking about my path out of apathy, and what people can do who are having the same questions and feelings. I had the same concerns and scepticism about sending aid to some shadowy situation where I didn't know if a warlord was going to get the money."

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