Ewan Mcgregor

Ewan Mcgregor

Steven Soderbergh ordered the cast of his new thriller Haywire to carry replica guns around with them away from the set, but Scottish actor Ewan McGregor "chickened out".

The Trainspotting star appears opposite Gina Carano, Antonio Banderas, Michael Douglas and Michael Fassbender in the secret agent movie, and Soderbergh wanted the actors to know what it felt like to carry a concealed weapon, so he handed out fake 9mm handguns prior to filming.

However, McGregor refused to wear his pretend pistol in public in case cops mistook it for a real firearm.

He tells Britain's Daily Express, "I didn't take my gun anywhere. I don't want to be that guy who's getting drawn on in the supermarket when I've got my kids around because I've got a rubber gun down the back of my pants.

"I kind of chickened out".