Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage says 'Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance' is a much more "wild" experience than its prequel.

The 'Face/Off' star revealed the movie is more of a "daredevil experience" than the sequel 'Ghost Rider' because he was able to play the "edgier" part of the Ghost Rider as well as reprise his role of Johnny Blaze.

He said: "It's a much more edgier, almost cynical interpretation of the character in this film. 'Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance' is completely different in that the whole energy of making it was a different experience. It's a much more wild, daredevil experience.

"Even the way Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor shoot, they're like a stunt team. In this film I also got to be the Ghost Rider. In the first 'Ghost Rider' movie I was only Johnny Blaze.

"This gave me an opportunity to really explore my imagination and find an infinite number of possibilities about movement and how I could present this spirit from another dimension and have him kind of be like a bad dream."

Nicolas admits filming 'Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance' is a "completely different experience" to the first movie in the series thanks to his additional role.

He added to "Brian Taylor was a huge advocate of that, me playing Ghost Rider as well as Johnny Blaze. I think it really adds to the whole movie, it was interesting for me as well. In the original movie, somehow that didn't happen, for whatever the reasons - I'm happy with the first movie, but this ones a completely different experience.

"This Ghost Rider is a lot freakier in terms of the portrayal of the Ghost Rider. He feels a lot more like an entity that is alive, probably because some thought went into it and really tried to build a character here for you as Ghost Rider."