Hayley Atwell

Hayley Atwell

Hayley Atwell has revealed that she and the cast of The Sweeney went to a gun club as they prepared for their roles on The Sweeney.

The popular TV show is re-imagined for the big screen next week as Ray Winstone and Ben Drew take over the role of Jack Regan and George Carter.

And during the early preparations the actress admits that it was as much about team-work as it was about learning to handle weapons.

Speaking to the Press Association the actress said: "We went to a gun club and had a couple of guns that we pointed in various directions and it was just getting used to that really.

"We worked as a team so we would learn various routines of how to spot each other while you're out on, say, an armed robbery situation.

"It was kind of trust exercises more than stunts really, and then kind of running for your life on action.

Atwell takes on the role of Nancy in the movie while Nick Love is in the director's chair for the project.

The Sweeney is released 12th September.

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