Hugo Weaving

Hugo Weaving

Hugo Weaving has revealed that The Hobbit has a different tone to The Lord of the Rings series of movies.

The actor is set to reprise the role of Elrond in Peter Jackson's two part adaptation of the Tolkien novel, the first part being released as The Two Towers celebrates its tenth anniversary.

Speaking to Collider the actor said: "It was really lovely to see some old friends and old faces again, and to go back into a similar world, which is tonally a little bit different.

"You're in the same world, but the story has a different tone."

And Weaving is not the only familiar face returning as Ian McKellan and Andy Serkis are reprising the role of Gandalf and Gollum while Elijah Wood and Orlando Bloom are also set to return.

And while the actor is excited to be back in Middle Earth he admits that the scale of the movie can some times be difficult for an actor.

"There's a particular frustratingly wonderful energy about working on The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. The project is so massive and there are so many people," he continued.

"It makes it frustrating for everyone because things just take time and you don't know what's happening.

"You don't know what's going on, despite all the best intentions, but the people are so lovely that you just accept, 'Well, this is the way this particular world is'.

"You live from day to day and from moment to moment, doing the best you can."

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will be released on December 14.

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