Jack Black

Jack Black

Beause he could have a movie of his own

Jack Black loves slave clothes.

The actor recently finished filming biblical comedy 'Year One' and says he loved the opportunity to dress up as a cave man because the outfits were so comfortable.

He said: "This get-up is very comfortable. These shoes won't stay laced, which is a huge pain in the a*s. You've gotta go zip. This is how they did it back in the olden days. Back in primitive times, they didn't have good lacing technology. This is the slave gear when my character is going through tough times in the movie. Strangely, the lower the class, the more comfortable the clothes."

Jack enjoyed making the movie so much, he wants to work on another film set in biblical times.

He added to Examiner.com: "There are a lot of theatrical parts of the Bible. It'd be pretty fun to do some of the Moses stuff that we're not doing in this one because it was just too much to break off. Beause he could have a movie of his own. It'd be fun to do Noah's Ark too."

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