Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Watchmen star Jeffrey Dean Morgan hopes fans of The Band don't turn on him when they hear his awful rendition of the late Levon Helm's signature turn The Weight in new movie Peace, Love and Understanding, insisting he begged film director Bruce Beresford to consider an alternative.

It's sad that we just lost Levon Helm

The actor croons the song with co-star Catherine Keener and accepts it's a terrible way to remember Helm, who died in April (12).

He tells us, "It was horrible. I think we butchered the song. Neitherof us are probably the most musical people. We love music, but talent-wise you're looking at the bottom of the talent bowl! "That was the most nervous I've been doing a scene in a long time. We were both wrecks.

Bruce insisted that we do it but I was kind of hoping that somebody would just loop it". And Morgan admits Helm was on the set in upstate New York while they were filming

"It's sad that we just lost Levon Helm.

He was in the studio when we were messing around with the song and I know that (co-star) Jane (Fonda) was hanging out with him".