Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has defending her role as Linda Lovelace and insists that the film is not 'vulgar'.

Lohan takes on the role of the seventies porn star in Matthew Wilder's latest movie project Inferno. But the actress admits that the film doesn't focus on Lovelace's profession.

She told the Sydney Morning Herald: "The way that Matthew [Wilder, the director] wants to shoot it is not vulgar.

"It's not about the raw sex and the shots of her fully nude. It's more about getting into her psyche and seeing how scared she was. That's what I want to show most in the film.

However the actress admitted that she was intrigued in doing a biopic movie and it was Lovelace's story that interested her the most.

"People are going to say, 'Oh, Lindsay Lohan is doing a porno'. But it's not like that.

"I've never played someone's true-life story before. A lot of the other movies I did were just brainless for me. So it's nice to play something where I'm able to experience all these different emotions."

We haven't seen Lohan on the big screen since Chapter 27 in 2008 but she will be back later this year in Machete, which sees her work alongside Robert De Niro, Danny Trejo, Jessica Alba and director Robert Rodriguez.

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