Lindsay Lohan 'supported' by Inferno team

Lindsay Lohan 'supported' by Inferno team

Lindsay Lohan will still play Linda Lovelace in 'Inferno'.

We continue to support Lindsay.

The 24-year-old actress - who was sent to prison for the second time this year on Friday (24.09.10), only to be released on $300,000 bail the same day - is continuing to be "supported" by the film's producer Chris Henley, despite rumours she is to go to rehab and possibly delay the independent film further.

He told Gossip Cop: "We continue to support Lindsay."

Last week the movie's director Matthew Wilder admitted he was "exasperated" by her ongoing problems

In an email statement sent to MTV News, he said: "We love her. We want her to do well. We will make the picture shortly."

He also confirmed he would move production of 'Inferno' from Louisiana to Los Angeles.

He added: "I think it will make things easier on the Lindsay front. I understand people's exasperation. I share it. But there's a tremendous gift underneath all the obvious baggage."

Lindsay was sent back to prison after failing a court-ordered drug test for cocaine and amphetamines, but was released after her lawyer appealed her four-week sentence.

'Inferno' tells the tale of 1970s porn star Lovelace, and is due to see Lindsay play fully nude for the first time.

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