Sunshine Prompts Oscars Bosses To Change The Rules.... Hit movie Little Miss Sunshine has prompted the bosses of the Oscars to change their rules, so that all "legitimate" producers of a film can be nominated.Oscar rules stipulate only three producers can be credited for a film, and they must be full-time producers.That meant two of Little Miss Sunshine's five moguls were overlooked as part of the movie's nomination - and only three golden statues would have been handed out if the film had won the big prize.Upon consideration, the governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Ampas) have approved a new rule, which will come into effect at the 80th Academy Awards next year (Feb08).Academy President Sid Ganis says, "The committee and the governors believe strongly that it's very important to have a limit on the number of producers who can be nominated and potentially receive an Oscar statuette."But we also recognise that a truly unique situation could arise, and we want to have just enough flexibility to allow for that rare occurrence."Academy director of communications Leslie Unger adds, "The Producers Guild deemed there were five legitimate producers on Little Miss Sunshine and last year it was simply impossible to credit them all because there was no flexibility to the existing rules whatsoever."