Martin Freeman

Martin Freeman

Martin Freeman struggled to keep his eyes open filming wintry mountain scenes for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey as glue from his wig constantly dripped down his face.

The star portrays hobbit protagonist Bilbo Baggins in the first installment of director Peter Jackson's new trilogy, the prequel to The Lord of the Rings franchise, but he insists it wasn't all fun during the 18-month shoot in New Zealand, and he had to endure a messy few days covered in fake snot after his character is sneezed on by a giant.

He tells the New York Post, "It's not a lot of fun to spend days and days in gelatinous snot make-up. Because of continuity, you've got to be in wet snot and then the remnants of drying snot.

"That's a lot of days. It's kind of like a hair gel. Sticky. Very cold. Not comfortable".

But Freeman's nerves were really tested during one scene in which Bilbo and his dwarf pals get attacked by rock monsters on a mountain ledge.

He says, "We're coming into wind machines, on full blast. Big f**king wind machines. Horizontal rain, right in my eyes. Wetter than you've ever been. Wig glue streaming into my eyes.

"The wind machines are louder than an earthquake. And Pete (Jackson) is on the loud-speaker going, 'Martin, can you open your eyes more?' No, I f**king can't. I literally cannot open my eyes!"

And that wasn't Freeman's only challenge on set - the large prosthetic hobbit feet he had to wear caused issues with his hips.

He explains to the New York Daily News, "Your gait changes and your carriage changes when your feet have an extra sort of six or seven inches. You have to lift your leg higher, which does something to your hips, which can bring up problems with your back".

Luckily for Freeman and his co-stars, Jackson made sure to have a masseuse on hand throughout the shoot to remedy aches and pains before they caused any real harm to his actors.

The actor recently revealed he had to shave and powder his legs to avoid the pain of spending hours wearing the gnarly feet, claiming, "If you've got hairy legs, then it's agony".