Oliver Stone: 'LaBeouf is no Brad Pitt'

Oliver Stone: 'LaBeouf is no Brad Pitt'

Oliver Stone doesn't think Shia LaBeouf will be "another Brad Pitt".

the prettiest guy but casts a spell

The director has joked the 24-year-old actor - who plays lead character Gordon Gekko's (Michael Douglas) future son-in-law Jake Moore in 'Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps' - is not "the prettiest guy" but "casts a spell" when he is filmed.

He said: "Shia is high profile in from of a camera. He isn't exactly the prettiest guy on this planet and he certainly isn't another Brad Pitt.

"But he is casting a spell, as soon as he stands in front of a camera."

However, despite critiquing his looks Oliver claims Shia was perfect for the role in the follow up to the 1987 movie - for which Michael Douglas won an Oscar - because he got as involved in his character as possible, even in his free time.

He told German website subway.de: "I can only praise Shia and his work. Even when he had a day off all he did was occupying himself with his role and informed himself about all sorts of banking matters.

"Shia very much reminds me of a young Tom Cruise back in 1989, both of them have this incredible amount of energy - there is a reason why both of them always seem to be running in their movies."

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