Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld will appear to bare all on the big screen when she stars as the leading lady in an upcoming Romeo And Juliet adaptation.

The 14-year-old True Grit star signed up for the most romantic role in Hollywood earlier this year (11) and a copy of screenwriter Julian Fellowes' script reveals her character will have to strip off to play William Shakespeare's tragic heroine.

I wanted Hailee because she is the perfect age. Juliet isat that stage of... what you might call a childwoman

An excerpt of the script, printed in Britain's the Sunday Times Newspaper, reads "They (Romeo and Juliet) start undressing each other - slowly,gently and carefully until they are naked.

"They are eternal figures in a Raphael painting. Romeo then carries her to bed, kissing her again and again as they explore uncharted territory. Then they make love, transported into each other's soul".

Fellowes insists the aim of his take on the classic tragedy is to feature "age-appropriate" actors, just as Shakespeare intended.

He explains, "I wanted Hailee because she is the perfect age. Juliet isat that stage of... what you might call a childwoman. Just like Hailee herself is. My version is a romantic story - one that keeps pretty true to Shakespeare but is, I hope, more accessible".

The film, which does not have a Romeo on board yet, will shoot in Italy, where the original play was set, later this year (11).

Filmmakers are sure to use a body double so as not to upset censors, decency watchdogs and parent groups with images of a naked teen.

In 2006, Dakota Fanning, her mother Joy and writerdirector Deborah Kampmeier became targets of media groups and watchdogs when word spread the young actress, then 12, would appear naked in a rape scene in the movie Hounddog.

When the film finally aired at the Sundance Film Festival in 2007, the rape scene was not as sensational as reports had suggested, and there were no shots of a naked Fanning.

However, the damage was done and the film - which was tipped as an Oscars vehicle for its young star - was largely unseen.

It received a limitedrelease in cinemas in September, 2008.