Ryan Phillippe

Ryan Phillippe

Ryan Phillipee reveals that he pushed the boundaries of his character in his new movie MacGruber.

The actor teams up with Will Forte, Kristen Wiig and Val Kilmer for the comedy and admits that he pushed his character because he didn't want the movie to be 'dismissed' or overlooked.

In an interview with Citypaper.net the actor said: We live in such a sceptical day and age where if you do come with something soft, it's going to get dismissed.

"We definitely went the opposite with it. The movie is more of a parody of 80s action movies. So like what Austin Powers was to the spy genre."

And while the movie is a little extreme and the main character is sexist and homophobic Phillippe can't wit for his friend to see the film.

"I've seen this movie eight times and out of all of the movies I've done, this is the one I can't wait for my friends to see most.

"It's a hard R movie so if you liked 'The Hangover' or 'Borat', it's kind of along those lines.

"I took my best gay friend with me to the screening and he loved it. The funny thing about MacGruber is that he's a deplorable human being - he's sexist, a little homophobic, a bit racist, and a bumbling idiot - but somehow, and it's a testament to how good of an actor Will Forte is, you still like him."

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