Selma Blair loved being surrounded by monsters on her new movie.The 'Cruel Intentions' star is set to appear in 'Hellboy II: The Golden Army' plying the protagonist's girlfriend Liz, and says she loved scenes where she burst into flames to take on a variety of mythical creatures.She told website "I did love being surrounded by monsters and I guess it goes back to my childhood. I loved fairy tales when I was growing up - 'Aesop's Fables', 'Grimm's Fairytales'. I was a big fan of 'The Little Matchstick Girl'. "Selma admits she preferred darker stories because she is fascinated by death.She added: "I loved the ones that ended badly. I still have such a fascination with death. One of the first dreams I remember having as a child, I was saving my father from a burning house. I have a very morbid fascination with death and dead things. But I see the beauty in it."Selma - who is divorced from Ahmet Zappa - says she loved the relationship between her character and Hellboy, who is played by Ron Perlman.She said: "I love how average Hellboy and Liz are. It's endearing that these people who have extraordinary powers are so busy killing monsters that they can't the find the time to talk about their own relationship.

"I get a kick out of Hellboy and Liz; they're an odd couple who fight ferociously but still love each other."

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