Pineapple Express Drug Scene Cut For U.k..... Comedian Seth Rogen was forced to cut a hardcore drug scene from his new movie Pineapple Express - because the footage was deemed too explicit for British viewers.Rogen claims one scene, in which he is seen smoking a super-strong type of marijuana, had to be removed from the U.K. version after the British Board of Film Classification (Bbfc) members censored the footage - even though the scene was left in for the American release.But Rogen admits he relented to the ruling because he wanted to secure a lower certificate for the U.K. audience, allowing those 15 and over to see the film - as opposed to the R rating, meaning it can only be seen by over-17s, that it received in the U.S.He says, "We had to remove stuff from the movie to get the rating that we needed. We're actually more responsible in the U.K. than we are in the States."There's a scene in the movie when we sell (drugs) to high school kids - that's still in there I assume. But in the American version of the scene we also smoke weed with them and hang out."It's a really explicit scene of us getting high with these 11-year-olds. I think for the U.K. they've kind of softened it a bit."He adds: "We had no moral obligation with this movie. I mean, it's an R-rated movie, you have to be 17 in order to see it so we figure at that age you're an adult. I've been seeing R-rated movies since I was 12 years old and I'm OK! Not really."