Seth Rogen feels like he has "sold out" after losing weight for his role in new movie 'The Green Hornet'.The actor - who is famous for his rotund figure - wishes he hadn't caved into the pressure to slim down for film roles.He said: "I've been eating better and training - and hating myself for it. I feel like a sell out, I feel lame, I feel like a guy I would make fun of."Seth recently revealed director Stephen Chow - who has previously helmed movies including 'Kung Fu Hustle' and 'Shaolin Soccer' - has been helping him and 'Pineapple Express' co-writer Evan Goldberg tighten the film script.He said: "A version of the script is finished. We're rewriting it right now with a lot of Stephen's notes and ideas. We wanted a director to come on and bring his own sensibilities to it."Seth will star as Britt Reid in the film, a newspaper publisher who, at night, puts on a mask and goes into the city to fight crime as a vigilante.