Woman In Black

Woman In Black

strong violence and horror

Daniel Radcliffe's supernatural thriller The Woman In Black is the most complained about movie in the U.K. so far this year (12).

Censors at the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) have received 120 complaints since the horror's release in February (12) - an amount they insist is unusually high.

Bosses will divulge full details about the complaints next year (13) when the BBFC's annual report is released, but it is believed the majority of objections centered on the fact the film, starring Radcliffe as a young lawyer in a haunted village, is too frightening for young viewers.

Earlier this year (12), the BBFC ordered studio heads to shave six seconds of "strong violence" and "horror" from the final edit before agreeing to stamp The Woman In Black with the less-restrictive 12A age rating, thereby allowing younger audiences to see the film.

The most moaned about movie in Britain last year (11) was Natalie Portman's ballet thriller Black Swan, which generated 40 complaints.