Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Aaron Taylor-Johnson has called Godzilla an 'exciting' film to work on because of all of the stunts he got to do.

Taylor-Johnson is back on the big screen this week as he teams up with Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Olsen for the new blockbuster.

Godzilla is the biggest film of the actor's career to date, and he talked about his filming experience on the red carpet last night.

Speaking to Bang Showbiz, the actor said: "I did quite a lot of the stunts involved and there was an amazing team. I had a marine guy who I worked with closely on the movie.

"I got used to the equipment and learnt to fire rounds. And I got used to the military lingo they use - it's like a boys club.

"It was very exciting. I've been on military tanks, trains with missiles, we jump out of helicopters. I did actually jump out of an aeroplane, but it was still on the tarmac."

Godzilla is the first time that we have seen Taylor-Johnson on the big screen since Kick Ass 2: he did make a little appearance in a post-credit scene of Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

He is sticking with the blockbuster genre, as he is currently filming Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Taylor-Johnson is one of the new faces on the Avengers cast list, as he is set to play Quicksilver in the new film.

Godzilla is released 15th May.

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