Alan Taylor was grateful to have more resources while directing 'The Many Saints Of Newark'.

Alan Taylor

Alan Taylor

The 62-year-old filmmaker has helmed the new movie, which serves as the prequel to the acclaimed TV series 'The Sopranos', and was pleased that he was able to more elaborate with some of the scenes in the film.

Asked about the differences with the increased production budget, Alan told "I mean, there's, two ways, I guess.

"One was, you know that the budget is different than the Warner Bros. movie, that's meant for the big screen you can see, you know, there were some scenes, we were staging for the movie, but also appeared in the series as flashbacks, and it was nice to have the resources to do it, to do it up a little bit."

The director continued: "So Johnny Boy getting arrested at the amusement park, it was great to have a real amusement park, it was great to have a real amusement park instead of maybe, you know, two pieces of set dressing that weren't. So it was nice to have the resources to do it."

Alan also revealed that this movie had slightly less influence from 'The Sopranos' creator David Chase, even though he did serve as a writer and producer on the picture.

He explained: "The other thing that was really different, I think, for me, as a director, was probably the relationship to David Chase, because during the series, it felt like there was a strong controlling voice from the ivory tower of the writers' room.

"And it was partly there, because David was in the room, you know, breaking scripts and all that stuff. And so he wasn't frequently on set. So there, I think there was a tendency to sort of control what we were doing a bit more in case it went awry."

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