Alexander Skarsgard found preparing for 'The Legend of Tarzan' "robotic".

Alexander Skarsgard

Alexander Skarsgard

The 40-year-old actor - who was cast as the lead role in the recent drama film - has admitted he found the strict routine he had to follow prior to shooting scenes for the blockbuster, which saw him workout solidly and not let a "sip" of alcohol pass his lips for nine months, very rigid, although he has revealed it was an "incredible experience".

Speaking about the months leading up to filming, he said: "I work mostly in independent movies so the scope of Tarzan was definitely different.

"I didn't feel pressured [by the box office demands] though. It wasn't like: 'Oh f**k, this is a big movie.' It was an incredible experience, but it was also nine months of just gym, work and bed. I didn't have a sip of alcohol. It was robotic."

Meanwhile, the star - who is the son of Stellan Skarsgard who played Orlando Bloom's on-screen father Bootstrap Bill Turner in 'Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest' - has revealed his father was more in tune with his tree-swinging barely clothed role as Tarzan because he used to swan around the house in the nude.

Speaking about his parent's unusual dress sense, which puzzled him as a child, he said: "He was a weird Bergman actor. A 12-year-old kid doesn't give a f**k about that.

"He'd be walking around naked or wearing weird Moroccan robes. As a teenager you're just like: 'Come on, dad!'"

However, the blonde-haired hunk has come to realise there is an inner "beast" inside of everyone.

He told The Guardian newspaper: "As with Tarzan, there's dichotomy in the character between being a civilised man and a beast. That's something we can all relate to. We live in a civilised society, but 12 hours ago we were beasts dancing to Abba."