Promising to be a “disturbing and obsessive love story” is new movie All I See Is You, starring Blake Lively and Jason Clarke in the leading roles. Combining the hugely different genres of romance and thriller, the film could prove to be one of the most unique on offer right now. This week, an exciting new clip from the movie was released, which you can now watch below:

Lively plays Gina, wife to James (Clarke) and a woman who’s living an almost perfect life, with an almost perfect marriage. Blinded as a child in a car accident, Gina relies solely on her husband to feel and “see” the world around her, allowing the relationship to be built and remain passionate thanks to the relationship they share.

Envisioning the world through her own imagination, with James’ descriptions providing her help whenever she needs it, Gina enjoys a healthy lifestyle, and one that leads the married couple to Bangkok.

It’s there however that things begin to change, as Gina receives a corneal transplant and regains her sight, experiencing the world with a new sense of independence and threatening her husband in the process. When Gina begins to lose her sight once more, she realises that the truth of her marriage may be something completely different to what she once thought.

Marc Forster sits in the director’s chair for the psychological thriller, with American Horror Story and Wonder Woman star Danny Huston also making an appearance in the A-list cast.

The premise of the film is certainly an interesting one, and we can't wait to get watching! This could quickly turn into a classic of the thriller genre.

All I See Is You comes to digital download on February 26, 2018, with DVD release set for March 5, 2018.

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