Denise Welch and her son Louis Healy come together in upcoming short film Black Eyed Susan; a Nick Rowntree piece following the journey of one woman struggling to survive while being terrorised by a teenage boy intent on driving her to suicide.

Black Eyed Susan

Black Eyed Susan

The psychological drama also stars Kacey Ainsworth, Angela Lonsdale and Ray Eves, and a brand new teaser trailer dropped over the weekend showcasing just a little of what viewers should expect:

Despite the synopsis, there may be more to the story here than meets the eye, with Denise telling us: “Black Eyed Susan is a drama about a woman terrorised by a teenage boy. Or is it? Louis plays the boy and Matt has written some music.”

The ‘Matt’ referred to be Denise is of course her eldest son, Matthew Healy, global superstar and lead singer of The 1975.

Going out to some of this year’s biggest film festivals, we should find out what critics and audiences think of Black Eyed Susan in the near future.

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