Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis believes British actors such as Jason Statham and Daniel Craig are the future stars of the action genre.

The actor will be returning to the role of John McClane next week in A Good Day To Die Hard - the fifth film in the popular and successful franchise.

And while we still have the likes of Willis, Sylvester Stallone and Arnie doing their thing he thinks the future of the action film star lies with British actors.

Speaking to The Sun the actor said: "I think there are new action stars - I think Jason Statham is one. He's really good," he told the Sun.

"And Daniel Craig is a pretty tough guy. He reinvented that whole genre. He made me start watching James Bond movies again. He's great."

But Willis is not hanging up his action hero hat just yet as we will also be seeing him in G.I. Joe: Retaliation and Red 2 this year.

The film sees Willis team up with director John Moore while Jai Courtney is set to play McClane's son Jack.

A Good Day To Die Hard is released 14th February.

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