'The Call of the Wild' has become the latest film to receive an early digital release.

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford

The movie, which stars Harrison Ford, was only released in cinemas in February but will now be available to audiences at home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The 'Indiana Jones' star plays John Thornton in the adaptation of the Jack London novel and previously admitted that he hoped to please audiences with his performance.

Harrison said: "It's very gratifying if it brings pleasure to the audience. My job is to tell stories and disappear into the character, I don't want to be Harrison Ford, I want to be a character."

The 77-year-old actor also admitted that he was keen for John to have more of a narrative in the plot through the relationship with dog Buck, who is created solely with the use of CGI technology.

Harrison commented: "When this came along, I looked at the character and I thought this could be a really interesting family film to make. I was familiar with the book from high school and the one thing that was missing a story for John Thornton. He appears in the books as an instrument of god but I wanted his relationship with Buck to have an effect on him that would redeem him."

It has also been revealed that that 'Downhill', a Disney comedy starring Will Ferrell and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, will also be released digitally on Friday (27.03.20), despite only being released last month.

The flicks join a growing list of movies that have received an early home release due to the coronavirus outbreak, other films affected include 'Emma' and 'Trolls World Tour'.

Autumn de Wilde, director of the former, admits that she is glad that her movie will provide comfort to audiences during challenging times.

She explained: "I'm not thinking in terms of like, 'Oh my movie got interrupted'. I'm thinking, this is amazing! If I could even help those people with something I've made, that feels wonderful."