Colin Farrell found it very "liberating" starring in 'The Lobster'.

Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell

Farrel stars as David in the movie, which is set in a dystopian universe, who is searching for love at the city's special hotel and agrees to be turned into a lobster if he doesn't find love within the allowed 45 days, and admits it was very challenging.

He said: "You rely on your fellow actors and all that stuff, but more than ever before, this movie felt just like being present, literally just listening and observing and responding without any agenda. The objectives here were inherent in the script and they were so much bigger than any one character's journey.

"For a lot of us, beneath our behaviours and the tools we use to find some level of comfort in our society and our communities, there's quite a bit of awkwardness. What this script did is it rendered unimportant those behaviours and just allowed the awkwardness that actually exists. It was really liberating."

And Colin also believe he did "very little" acting in the movie because the story was more about the journey of the characters and the bizarre world they live in.

He added to "I found it really interesting to try and imagine how this world could be not just presented physically, but represented by the actors, and how it could be inhabited as if it was completely normal. But it's so well drawn that you just do very little."

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