Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe has described his sex scene in new movie Kill Your Darlings as 'beautiful'.

The actor will be back on the big screen later this autumn in Kill Your Darlings, in which he play poet Allan Ginsberg.

The movie will see Radcliffe share a passionate moment with Dane DeHaan, but he says the scene is not graphic and it is all about the emotion.

Speaking to Total Film the actor said: "I felt like I was breaking new ground.

"Most actors grow up doing a lot of small movies and then get something big, but I started on the biggest film in the world. So it's an experience that I haven't had. I'm sure some people will be slightly... err... startled by the gay sex scene though."

"It's actually not graphic. You don't actually see anything. What's graphic is the emotion of the scene. It's a very vulnerable, slightly afraid moment. It's beautiful and tender as a consequence of that."

Kill Your Darlings has been a huge hit on the festival circuit so far, and will see Radcliffe take his acting career in a very different direction.

This is his first bit screen outing since The Woman In Black, and it is one of an exciting series of films on the horizon that includes Horns and The F Word.

Kill Your Darlings is released 8th November.

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