While live-action Marvel and DC films garner real excitement from fans, the animated world is also becoming more and more of a contender for cinematic brilliance. Next year (2022), the genre is welcoming a new and exciting tale... 

DC League of Super-Pets will be hitting cinemas in 2022, and it’s set to be a brilliant, hilarious journey of some of DC’s most iconic animals. 

Not only does this movie look incredible, but it also has a star-studded cast, which includes Dwayne Johnson (Fast and FuriousRed Notice) as Krypto the Super-Dog, Kevin Hart (JumanjiCentral Intelligence) voices Ace the hound, as well as other talent such as Kate McKinnon (Ferdinand), with John Krasinski (A Quiet Place) and Keanu Reeves (John Wick). 

DC League of Super-Pets sees Krypto the Super-Dog and Superman, who are the best of friends, sharing the same powers and tackling the crime within Metropolis side by side. 

When Superman and the rest of the Justice League are kidnapped, Krypto enlists the help of an oddball group of pets to help him save his best friend. Krypto gathers Ace the hound, PB the potbellied pig, Merton the turtle, and Chip the squirrel to get a hold on their new powers in order to rescue the iconic heroes. 

DC League of Super-Pets will be in cinemas in 2022 / Picture Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures
DC League of Super-Pets will be in cinemas in 2022 / Picture Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

The trailer for DC League of Super-Pets looks absolutely amazing; the animation style is clean, crisp and stunning to say the least. The trailer of course also showcases the comedy and clever humour you would expect from not just an animated movie, but from Johnson and Hart. 

Johnson and Hart have a hilarious rapport together, as seen best in Central Intelligence (2016) where the actors’ comedy and acting skills bounced off one another so well and created moment after moment of belly laughs. With these two working together once again, we can expect a light-hearted and comical experience. 

The trailer also shows the perfect scenes to get us excited for the movie; we see the group of animals get their powers as well as seeing the abilities in use, we see some banter between Krypto and Ace, as well as showing the Justice League for a moment, giving us more of a specific idea of who the pets are out to save. 

DC League of Super-Pets will be in cinemas on May 20th, 2022. 

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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