Don Cheadle found it "very difficult" directing 'Miles Ahead'.

Don Cheadle

Don Cheadle

Cheadle - who also took the leading role in the Miles Teller biopic - admits making his directorial debut in the film was very stressful.

He said: "Directing this film felt like a trail of tears. That was very, very difficult.

"My wife came out and saw me halfway through it and said, 'You can't do this anymore. Not like this.' There were just too many things to do. It would be interesting to not have to be in the thing and just direct it."

And Don sought advice from the likes of George Clooney before taking the helm of the movie.

He added to Empire magazine: "George Clooney, PTA (Paul Thomas Anderson), Steven Soderbergh, Carl Franklin. I tapped 'em all.

"You would expect to hear more instructive things but I was told, 'Make sure you get sleep and do your push-ups and stay healthy. Wake up with a plan every day and (make sure) that you execute it as closely as you can, knowing that it is going to fall apart.'"

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