Dwayne Johnson has praised the new 'IT' film as "brilliantly scary".

Dwayne Johnson (c) Instagram

Dwayne Johnson (c) Instagram

The 45-year-old Hollywood action man has seen Andres Muschietti's re-imagining of Stephen King's chilling 1986 novel and he felt compelled to log on to his Instagram account to praise the movie, telling his followers that the filmmaker "knocked it outta the f**king park".

He posted: "I saw this movie two months ago and it instantly became one of my all time favorites. Easily TOP 10 all time. Not only does it redefine the horror genre, but it's so layered, smart and brilliantly scary. Congrats to the awesome young cast aka The Losers Club for killing their performances. To Bill Skarsgard for delivering an iconic performance as Pennywise. And to the entire crew and my good buds at Warner Bros/New Line. And most of all congrats to director, Andy Muschietti for making such a defining film. You knocked it outta the f**king park! Great talking with you man and we're gonna have some fun working together down the road. As a huge fan of the horror genre, this one's special.

"Have you fully recovered @simonegjohnson? #IT Congrats David Katzenberg you handsome MF! (sic)"

Back in 1990, 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' actor Tim Curry starred as the child-murdering clown Pennywise in a TV mini-series.

Now, Skarsgard, 26, has stepped into Pennywise's iconic shoes and Muschietti has revealed that the 'Allegiant' star was so frightening in his full makeup that he freaked out his child co-stars on set.

'IT' follows a group of youngsters who are faced with their biggest fears when they square off against the evil clown in Derry, Maine, after multiple children go missing.