From director Brad Peyton comes Dwayne Johnson’s exhilarating new action adventure movie Rampage, starring the WWE legend alongside some huge names including Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Naomie Harris, Malin Akerman, Jaky Lacy and Joe Manganiello. You can check out the thrilling new trailer for Rampage below:

Johnson here takes on the role of primatologist Davis Okoye, a man who shares a closer bond with the animals he works with than with other people. One of his closest allies is a silverback gorilla named George; an extremely intelligent creature who has been in his care ever since birth.

When a rogue genetic experiment goes wrong however, George is turned into a raging monster who cannot control his emotions, and it doesn’t take long before everybody involved realises he’s not the only animal to be affected by the genetic altering device he came across.

North America looks to never be the same again once the newly-created alpha predators begin to tear across the country, destroying whatever comes in their way whilst Okoye works on finding an antidote to bring the madness to an end.

Whether or not he’ll be able to get his hands on the antidote however is something that remains to be seen, but it’s a sure thing that if doesn’t, the world will be faced with one of the biggest catastrophes they’ve ever had to come up against.

Based on the classic arcade video game of the same name, Rampage comes from Warner Bros., who acquired the rights to the property all the way back in 2009 following their acquisition of Midway Games. John Rickard joined the production in 2011 as producer, but it took until 2015 for any more news to be revealed. Johnson re-teams in the film with New Line and producer Beau Flynn, who would produce through FlynnPictureCo., alongside’s Rickard’s Rickard Pictures, whilst Johnson and Dany Garcia of Seven Bucks Production were also given production capacity credit.

Many expected a mindless and chaotic flick once Rampage was announced, but from the trailer it’s clear that it’s going to be a lot more emotional than we could ever have thought. With saving his best friend at the front of his mind, Johnson’s character may have some heavy decisions to make in the film; we can’t wait to watch him go through it all.

Rampage comes to cinemas across the UK on April 13, 2018.

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