Gareth Evans

Gareth Evans

Gareth Evans says he didn't want to make a 'carbon copy' of The Raid with The Raid 2.

Evans is back in the director's chair for the highly anticipated action sequel - which will hit the big screen on Friday.

We caught up with Evans to chat about the film, where he revealed that he purposefully made the sequel completely different to the first film.

Speaking exclusively to FemaleFirst, the director said: "It is a bit of a departure from the first one: the one thing I wanted to do was make a film that wasn’t a rehash of the first one. I didn’t want it to be sixteen floors instead of fifteen.

"The goal was to take it out of that building, explore the universe and the characters, make it a much more evolving plot this time, while keeping the same kinetic action that we had in the first film."

The Raid 2 sees Evans reunite with actor Iko Uwais, as they make their third film together.

This is the first directorial outing for Evans since he grabbed everyone's attention with The Raid back in 2012: he has also penned the screenplay for the film.

A third film in the action franchise is also in the pipeline.

The Raid 2 is released 11th April. Check out what we thought of the film in our Raid 2 Review.

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