Gary Oldman has joined the cast of the psychological thriller 'The Woman In The Window'.

Gary Oldman

Gary Oldman

The 60-year-old actor - who played Sir Winston Churchill in 2017's 'Darkest Hour' - will star alongside Amy Adams in the Joe Wright-directed movie.

Adams, 43, is set to play the role of Dr. Anna Fox, who hides away in her New York home, where she drinks excessively and spends time spying on her neighbours.

Oldman, on the other hand, will star as the patriarch of the family that lives across the street, according to Variety.

The film - which also features Wyatt Russell and Julianne Moore - takes a dark turn when Adams' character witnesses something she shouldn't have from her own apartment.

Meanwhile, Oldman previously admitted that playing Churchill in 'Darkest Hour' was unlike any previous role he'd ever taken on.

The London-born star also explained what made the war-time leader such a unique character.

He shared: "In the newsreels, what I was looking at was just the fortitude, the persistence of this dynamo. Because we weren't making a whole life - it was playing him over five weeks; it's a chance to show a character you hadn't seen before, with all the warmth and all the history.

"You can't equate him with anyone else except, in my mind, someone like Washington or Lincoln. You're playing a man who had a very strong sense of marketing himself, of branding before it was even a thing.

"He was this round, short man in his funny Victorian clothes with his homburg hat and cigar and such."