From the minds of writer Neil Gaiman and director John Cameron Mitchell comes a movie that follows the journey of the “birth of punk, the exuberance of first love, and the universe’s greatest mystery of all: how to talk to girls at parties.” This week, STUDIOCANAL have released an amazing new clip from How To Talk To Girls At Parties – in cinemas now – and you can check it out below:

Alex Sharp takes on the role of Enn, described as a “shy suburban London teenager in 1977”. Always sneaking out with her friends to after-hours punk parties, one night sees their world change forever when they stumble upon a gathering of teenagers who seem like they’re from a completely different planet.

Eventually realising that they are indeed from another planet, and are visiting Earth to complete a rite of passage, Enn begins to fall in love with Zan (Elle Fanning), a “beautiful and rebellious alien teenager”.

Together, the pair go on an adventure through 1970s London, setting off a series of events that eventually lead to a showdown of punks versus aliens, testing the limits of how far each side will go when it comes to gaining true love.

How To Talk To Girls At Parties is out in cinemas across the UK now.

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