Hugh Bonneville

Hugh Bonneville

Hugh Bonneville describes his character in The Monuments Men as a man who is given a second chance.

Bonneville is back on the big screen next month as he joins the ensemble cast in the latest directorial offering from George Clooney.

Clooney is on the cast list as well as in the director’s chair in a movie that follows a platoon who are tasked with rescuing and protecting pieces of art from the Nazis in World War II.

Speaking to Empire the actor said: “We first see him propping up a bar, in his civvies, with an ashtray full of fags and a whiskey, trying but failing to chat up a local lady.

“He is clearly a guy down on his luck, he has burnt his bridges in life, George’s character gives him a second chance. He clearly had a talent in the art world, but we never really go into what it was.”

Bonneville is part of an all-star cast as he is joined by Clooney, Matt Damon, Cate Blanchett, Bill Murray, John Goodman and Jean Dujardin.

We know Bonneville best from his role in Downton Abbey, but we are going to be seeing him back on the big screen this year.

As well as The Monuments Men, Bonneville has also completed work on Hippie Hippie Shake and Paddington.

The Monuments Men is released 21st February.

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