'Incredibles 2' has earned $1 billion at the worldwide box office faster than any other animated movie in history.

Samuel L Jackson

Samuel L Jackson

The Brad Bird-directed film stars the likes of Samuel L Jackson, Holly Hunter and Sarah Vowell, and is a sequel to 2004's 'The Incredibles', which is widely regarded as one of the best animated movies of all time.

The sequel has taken just 47 days to reach the landmark figure and the achievement is made even more impressive because it's not yet been released in countries such as Germany, Italy and Japan.

'Incredibles 2' has earned as much as $573 million in the US alone, thereby making it only the fourth movie in history to make more than half of its earnings domestically.

What's more, it has joined 'Frozen', 'Minions', 'Toy Story 3', 'Finding Dory', 'Despicable Me 3' and 'Zootropolis' in becoming an animated movie that's earned in excess of $1 billion.

Meanwhile, Jackson previously revealed he'd been asked about an 'Incredibles' sequel "five or six times a week" for more than a decade.

The Hollywood veteran reprised the role of Lucius Best for the movie, and he revealed that he's spent years answering fan questions about the possibility of a follow-up film.

Samuel joked: "According to my social, they've been waiting for it ..."

Asked how often he's been asked about the possibility of there being another 'Incredibles' movie, he admitted: "Over the last ten, 12 years? About five or six times a week by somebody."