Jai Courtney

Jai Courtney

Jai Courtney says that he would happily reprise the role of Jack McClane in a sixth Die Hard film.

We are introduced to Jack for the first time this week in A Good Day To Die Hard - which is set to be the biggest role of Courtney's career to date.

There has already been some take about extending the action franchise further and Courtney says he would be up for a return.

Speaking to the Press Association the actor said: "Certainly. It's a flattering prospect and that's probably about all it is for me at this point.

"We're just enjoying the journey of this project and looking to see what it does. But if I got the call to come back and reprise the role, I'd willingly oblige."

A Good Day To Die Hard sees Bruce Willis return to the role of John McClane for the first time since Die Hard 4 back in 2007.

We last saw Courtney on the big screen in Jack Reacher and he is set to return later this year with another project I, Frankenstein.

A Good Day To Die Hard is released 14th February.