Though we think Ben Affleck is a pretty brilliant Dark Knight, that hasn’t stopped the rumour mill from going into overdrive every single time a new DC Extended Universe flick hits the big screen. That’s been no different this time around with the release of Justice League, as multiple media outlets are now reporting Jake Gyllenhaal allegedly being touted to replace Affleck should he choose to leave the DCEU sooner rather than later.

Hearing the news, artist BossLogic – who’s made some big waves on social media – mocked up a rather brilliant image of Gyllenhaal under the Batman armour, and whilst we love Affleck in the role, we’re not completely opposed to seeing Gyllenhaal take it on at some point in the future if this is what he’s going to look like.

An exciting array of actors have taken on the mantle of the World’s Greatest Detective throughout the years, with Adam West’s unique take in the 1960s television series, to George Clooney’s fan-divided tackling of the role and Christian Bale’s critically-acclaimed, but hilariously-voiced Caped Crusader.

With Affleck however, we seem to have the most grizzled, worn and brooding Bruce to ever come to live-action. Many fans say that he’s the closest to a comic book version of Batman the big screen has ever seen, and he’s surely something to be celebrated after being one of the shining points in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, despite critics not loving the overall film.

Should Gyllenhaal replace Affleck, we wouldn’t be completely devastated, as he’s a fantastic actor in his own right. For now however, we think Affleck has plenty more left in the tank, and would love him to stick to the DCEU for the foreseeable future, starring alongside the likes of the brilliant Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and charming Jason Momoa as Aquaman. We’ll be keeping a close eye on news relating to this one…

Justice League is in cinemas now.

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