Jason Statham

Jason Statham

Jason Statham thinks action scenes are "a lot of fun" despite potential injuries.

The 'Hummingbird' actor does his own stunts and admits while he often gets hurt, it's more enjoyable than relying on a stuntman.

He said: "I'm always getting banged about. I just expect it now - it's part of the job. Coalminers get dirty, I get hurt! It looks serious, but it's actually a lot of fun; although it can get pretty ridiculous at times."

The Hollywood hard-man plays an ex-army veteran who is now homeless in the movie and met lots of real military men who are in similar positions while researching the role.

He explained to Zoo magazine: "We uncovered a lot of stories from real soldiers, from homeless men ... people who served in Northern Ireland, people who lost eyes. People now walk past and don't stop to talk to them - it's like they've become invisible."

The 46-year-old actor previously claimed his latest role was a lot more complex than the action heroes he usually plays, and he had to tap into his emotional side for it.

Statham added: "It is different to what I normally do. There are a lot more layers. A lot of the characters I play are invincible in some way. They are not tuned into anxiety and pain.

"This one still plays to some of my strengths, though. It isn't light years away from something I thought I could get my shoes on for."

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