Jennifer Hudson thinks it is "unfortunate" there is a lack of diversity in Hollywood.

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson

Hudson - who is currently starring in Broadway musical 'The Color Purple' - is glad that there are actors and actresses "opening the doors" for stories with major black characters.

Commenting on the controversial Hollywood Reporter cover, which saw no minority actresses appear in an awards preview, she said: "It's unfortunate but that's the nature of things. That's why I love to see stories like ['The Color Purple'] with major black characters. Looking at people like Taraji [P. Henson] and Viola [Davis] ... making it more known and creating that platform for us to be seen in that way ... it's some strong women out there ... actors that are just so powerful and inspiring me and other actresses and opening up the doors for us to be able to do more and to be seen in that way."

The 34-year-old singer and actress insists if actors from all backgrounds are given the "opportunity", they can excel.

She added to Grio magazine: "I believe it was Viola that said, it's about the opportunity. We can do it too, but give us that opportunity.

"Taking advantage of those opportunities when they're presented to us makes more room for us in that way."

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