Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez said working on Parker made her realise how much she has missed acting.

We have seen little of Lopez on the big screen in recent years after becoming a mother and with her American Idol commitments.

This week she is set to star alongside Jason Statham for Parker - and she admits that she had a great experience making this film.

Speaking to the Press Association the actress said:"Doing this film and having a great experience with Jason and Taylor [Hackford, the director] and everybody, really made me realise 'Gosh, this is what I do, and I miss this and I need this'.

"This is a huge part of who I am, and I have maybe not given it all the attention that I should for a few years now, maybe even since the babies were born.

"So it's time for me to put that focus and at this point in my life I feel ready to do that."

This is the first film for Lopez since What to Expect When You're Expecting last summer as she teamed up with Statham for the very first time.

Parker is released 8th March.

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