According to a new report, Joss Whedon could be making one of the biggest changes to the upcoming Justice League movie possible, by creating a completely different ending for the flick than the one that was done by director Zack Snyder.

Hitting cinemas this November

Hitting cinemas this November

Leaving the film earlier this year following a family tragedy, Snyder left the movie in Whedon’s capable hands, with the Avengers director working on rewrites for part of the script.

Originally written to be the first part of a story that would take place over two films, it’s now being reported that Justice League’s original cliffhanger is being changed to something that will give a better, more well-rounded ending to the flick.

With Chris Terrio’s script on the line and Darkseid set to debut at some point in the near future, having Steppenwolf on board looked to be more of a tricky hurdle for the group to get over rather than a major challenge. Now, without the villain simply serving as a speed bump for the heroes, his presence will feel better than it ever could have done before.

Exactly what the rest of Justice League consists of remains to be seen, but with the huge success Wonder Woman has seen, the DC Extended Universe finally seems to be on the right path.

Justice League is set to hit cinemas on November 17, 2017.

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