King Arthur: Legend of the Sword has officially bombed in the US box office, collecting earnings of just $14.7 million in its opening weekend. The Guy Ritchie-directed movie would need to hit $350 million in takings worldwide to break even – something that is now pretty much an impossible feat.

The film's an official flop

The film's an official flop

Despite the bad news, the film is still awaiting its opening in many international countries where it could at least make some of its big bucks back. With the slew of terrible reviews and the film’s sitting at 27% at time of writing on reviews aggregate website Rotten Tomatoes however, we wouldn’t expect that big of a dent to be made in the losses here.

It’s unfortunate, as the release was intended by Warner Bros. to be the first in a multi-part franchise, but it’s now looking likely it will be the first and last outing for the character, played by Charlie Hunnam.

Strangely, Warner Bros. invested almost double their Wonder Woman budget in Legend of the Sword, and now the movie company must be wondering how differently things would have gone if they’d have sent their money to the female-led movie.

Of course, Wonder Woman’s release is yet to come, but hopefully it can break the curse the DC Extended Universe has suffered with bad reviews so far…

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