Lars Von Trier thinks it's "important" to have people walk out of his movies.

Lars Von Trier

Lars Von Trier

The controversial filmmaker's latest offering, 'The House That Jack Built' saw audiences make early exits at early screenings in protest at the violent material, but he initially didn't think he'd done anything too extreme.

He told SciFiNow magazine: "People have walked out on many of my films and I think that it's important to have some walkouts.

"But I thought that this time, it's just violence.

"That's what every film has. There are some films that are much more violent than mine. But I was wrong - people really reacted to the violence."

The movie - which stars Matt Dillon in the title role, a psycho killer - is set in Washington but was filmed in Sweden and Denmark, and the 62-year-old filmmaker revealed he's still never been to America.

He said: "When I started making films, I saw that America was the film language, because most of the films I saw were American.

"It was important that the language was the right one.

"I've never been to America, but we found out with the help of some Americans that the landscape we wanted could be Washington.

"So that's why three or four of my films have taken place there - it's not because I hate Washington."

The movie also stars Riley Keough - the daughter of Lisa Marie Presley and granddaughter of the late Elvis Presley - and Lars is keen to work with her again.

He said: "She's a fantastic actress. I said to her, because I didn't know who she was related to, 'When we film, you'll probably find me a little drunk and a little weird', and she said, 'I can cope', and when I learned who her family were I understood.

"I would definitely like to work with her again."