Laura Carmichael isn't as brave as her 'Burn, Burn, Burn' character.

Laura Carmichael

Laura Carmichael

The 30-year-old actress plays the role of Steph in the movie and whilst she can relate to the "closeness and brutal honesty in a friendship" between her character and Alex (Chloe Pirrie), she wishes she had a more "do now and think later" attitude herself.

She said: "She's more impulsive and braver than I am - I love that 'do now and think later' side to her. She's loyal too. There's a new closeness with female friendships now; your friends are the family you've created for yourself. The closeness and brutal honesty in a friendship is something that I can relate to."

The comedy drama movie follows Steph and Alex as they take a road trip to spread their friend Dan's ashes.

Speaking about the film, Laura added to the Metro newspaper: "I loved that it focused on friendship with Jack's character Dan, even though he's dead in the film, and the relationship between two best mates on the road. It's not often you read that. I met with the director, Chanya Button and Charlie Covell, the writer, who is her best friend. We got on and made each other laugh. We were a little gang hanging out in Little Chefs."

Meanwhile, director Chanya is thrilled the movie has two female protagonists and says it is definitely a "female-led project" in all aspects.

She shared: "This is a female-led project, both creatively and in the cast. But in the first few minutes you should just forget that.

"The idea is that you're not going, 'Oh the film was led by women and they're actually really funny'. You should forget."

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