Mackenzie Foy stays in touch with her 'Twilight Saga' parents, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

Mackenzie Foy

Mackenzie Foy

The 17-year-old actress played Renesmee, the daughter of Kristen and Robert's characters, in 'Breaking Dawn Parts 1 and 2' and although it is six years since the final movie was released, she still finds time to check in with her former on-screen parents.

Mackenzie told Entertainment Tonight: "I do. I do try to. They were just amazing people. I have so many wonderful memories just working with them and hanging out with them. So I do try to talk to them.

"Being on Twilight, that was my first film. So everything I learned on that set, I was learning for the first time. That was a film that I really knew, and understood what a film is and how it worked. So anything that I did in that process really prepared me for the rest of my career."

Mackenzie is currently starring as Victorian heroine Clara in 'The Nutcracker and the Four Realms' and jumped at the chance to star in a Disney movie.

She said: "It's really pretty cool to play a Disney princess. I'm a huge Disney fan so being able to be in a Disney film, and being a Disney princess, is just, like, 'Oh my goodness!' It's so cool. It's amazing. It really is.

"I don't want to be person that spoils [anything], but there's a couple of really, really exciting twists and turns in this film that I think you're really going to like."

The movie sees Clara disappear into a mysterious parallel world and Mackenzie - who is joined in the film by the likes of Dame Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman and Keira Knightley - had a great time on the fantastical sets.

She recently said: "There were some big set pieces and it was cool to step away from the monitors and into this magical world."

The actress is the only member of her family to be involved in the movie industry and she credits them for keeping her grounded and allowing her to continue to lead a "normal" life.

She said:" My family is incredible. To them I'm just Mackenzie, I have work Mackenzie and home Mackenzie.

"My childhood has been normal, fun. I hang out with friends and do high school things like go to dances and football games."