Matt Damon in Promised Land

Matt Damon in Promised Land

Matt Damon has spoken out in defence of his movie Promised Land as he doesn't "understand" the criticism of the flop 2012 film.

The Bourne Identity star wrote the screenplay for the drama with The Office actor John Krasinski, and he initially wanted to direct, but scheduling problems meant he had to give the job to Gus Van Sant.

The film garnered lacklustre reviews from critics and failed to make back its $15 million (£9.4 million) budget at the box office.

It also invoked the wrath of gas companies over its anti-drilling storyline, as well as farmers close to the Pennsylvania set who were unhappy with the portrayal of rural workers in the movie.

However, Damon is adamant he was pleased with the end result and can't understand why the film didn't go down well with critics and cinema-goers.

He tells Britain's Radar magazine, "I don't think it deserves this kind of withering attack. There isn't a scene in the movie that I would change or do differently, but it didn't get the reception I hoped for... I really don't understand the criticism I have been hearing back".

Damon remains hopeful the film will become a cult classic in years to come, adding, "Sometimes people find films later on, and I personally love it".

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