Max Irons

Max Irons

Max Irons says he doesn't want to build a career off the back of his father's name.

The young actor has followed his father Jeremy Irons on to the big screen and can currently be seen in The Host.

And while he does take advice from his father the actor is keen to find his own identity.

Speaking to Page Six the actor said: "He gives me advice on the business side of things.

"I want to enter a stage of my career where my name isn't prefaced with 'son of Jeremy Irons'."

The Host sees him team up with Saoirse Ronan and William Hurt as the latest Stephenie Meyer novel is adapted for the big screen.

He is set to juggle TV and film roles this year as he is part of an ensemble cast for series The White Queen and will play the title role in new movie Vivaldi.

The White Queen is an adaptation of the Philippa Gregory historical novel and also stars David Oakes and Ben Lamb.

The Host is out now.

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