Nelly Furtado turned down a role in 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'.

Nelly Furtado

Nelly Furtado

The 'I'm Like a Bird' singer regrets snubbing a part as one of the sisters in the 2002 comedy - starring Nia Vardalos and John Corbett - but has admitted she findings acting "very difficult".

In a Facebook Live chat for ET Canada, she revealed: "I was supposed to be in 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'. That was a fail.

"I was supposed to be one of the sisters or something.

"Im Portuguese and I can pass as Greek.

"I must have been really busy or something. I don't know what happened! You never know what's what. I don't think I ever read the script."

Despite starring in hit TV shows such as '90210' and 'CSI: NY' the 38-year-old brunette beauty - who releases her new album 'The Ride' this month - has no plans to return to acting because she finds it so challenging.

She explained: "I've done a few films, a few TV shows. It was fun but actually really hard. I find it very difficult. I don't know if I find I'm very natural at it."

The movie was extremely successful with a second instalment coming out last March.

And lead star Nia, 54, who also writes the script, says there will be a third film in the extremely popular franchise.

Asked if there will be another film, she previously said: "I know an idea came to me during making the second. I haven't started writing. Discussions have started and I've had the offer."